Introductory by the Chairman
Amateur Radio. You've heard of it. You probably know that Amateur Radio Operators are also called hams. (Nobody knows quite why!) But who are these people and what do they do?
Every minute of every hour of every day, 365  days a year, radio amateurs all over the world communicate with each other. It's a way of discovering new friends while experimenting different and exciting new ways to advance the art of the hobby. Ham radio is a global fraternity of people with common yet widely varying interests, able to exchange ideas and learn more about each other with every on-the-air contact, Because of this, Amateur radio has the ability to enhance international relationships as does no other hobby.

-ARRL Handbook

After this short introduction to what we do, I welcome you to the 5B4ES Radio Club's website. Here, we share everything that is important to us, like the club's latest news and events, as well as its history and a huge gallery of pictures and much more. 
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George Soteriou
English School Radio Club Chairman  
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